Amicitia Rules. Please read :)

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Amicitia Rules. Please read :) Empty Amicitia Rules. Please read :)

Post  Admin on Wed Aug 01, 2012 11:58 pm

For all Amicitia members

1. Amicitia is not a neutral league, see list of Allies and Enemies Here!

2. Respect every member of the league and game (even enemy), use comon sense when comunicating in any chat.

3.Any form of scamming, botting or hacking is NOT tolerated and can result in a permanent ban from league.

4. Any conflict or dispute within members is to be discussed in a mature manner with the Band Masters or League Master. All decision made by BM or LM will be final upon hearing all sides.

5. Encourage members to register here, to keep updatet on league news

6. Have fun! Very Happy


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